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Action on Davis Estate (ADE) is a group made up of local people that watches for threats to the environemtn on and around the Davis Estate in Chatham, Kent, taking full account of the wishes of, and involving, those living on the estate.

Look out for the new logo on posters and flyers!

The first topic we are tackling is, unsurprisingly...

Rochester Airport

Here are earlier stages in the airport saga

* * Here is the first flyer, giving the latest news on the Rochester Airport situation * *

It has only just been formed and its constitution is still being finalised ready for approval. Once this has been done the constitution will be placed on this site for perusal.

Where are we?

The Davis Estate is a fairly large housing estate of some 1,300 residences in 21 roads, tucked away from the main road between Chatham and Maidstone in Kent. It was created in the 1950s. The map below shows the layout of the estate and where we are, including the estate's own Community centre.

Map of the Davis Estate

Action Hotline:

078 333 55452

Secretarial contact details: