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Welcome to The "Cliffe-Hangar"

A Resource About the Cliffe Airport Threat

Don't worry: it's only a virtual hangar—hopefully there will never be any real hangars at Cliffe! Here is a brief snapshot of the situation, expanded on in these pages and on linked sites:
  • The Issue: Government proposal to build a huge new airport at Cliffe
  • The Reasons For: purported need for increased air capacity
  • The Reasons Against: destruction of homes & nature habitats, noise & chemical pollution
  • The Benefits to Medway: claimed new employment
  • The Demerits for Medway: jobs are for outsiders who will move here
  • The People's Wish: most are strongly against the proposal.
This collection of pages will, over time, become a useful body of information about the threatened international "hub" airport on the Hoo Peninsula in the Medway area of Kent. This is usually known as Cliffe, but it will take over most if not all of the peninsula.

This site is not intended to replace any of the other active and useful sites on this issue, rather it is proposed to be a first-stop site containing its own information, but also linking to other relevant sites—a kind of "hub" of its own!

The various pages on this site can be reached by clicking on the buttons at the left of each page. So far there is a page of the latest and recent news, background information on the whole issue, a timeline of the story to date, a digest of key points raised in the local media, and a page of links to other sites.

Finally, clicking on the banner at the top of each of those other pages returns you to this main page, and clicking on the banner at the top of this page takes you back to the Councillor Website itself.

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Here are some photos of the protestors with their banners

(Click on an image to pop-up a full-size version)

Outside Exhibition
Outside Public Exhibition at Bridgewood Manor Hôtel
After Cabinet Meeting
After the decisive Cabinet meeting
After Cabinet Meeting
Outside, after the same Cabinet meeting
Full Council at Hoo
The scene at Full Council in Hoo

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Photos of the protest march through Rochester

(Click on an image to pop-up a full-size version)

At the start
At the start
Mayor with Joan Goddard
The Mayor with Joan Goddard
Corporation Street, Rochester
Corporation Street, Rochester
Civic Centre, Strood
Arrival at Civic Centre

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