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Medway Council:
Development Control Committee

This 16-member Committee deals primarily with planning applications for the entire Medway area that do not fall within the powers delegated to Council Officers, also those that would normally be dealt with under such delegated powers but with strong local objection. It meets every three weeks, usually on a Wednesday evening commencing at 7 pm, in the Council Chamber at Municipal Buildings, Gillingham. It is a merged form of the former East and West Development Control committees, and came into being on 12th May 2004.

In the reports presented to this committee, and in the discussions about planning applications, what are called Use Classes will be mentioned, such as B2 or C3. A guide to these codes can be found here.

Prior to the introduction of the Cabinet system of political management of Medway Council on 1st October 2001, this body was a sub-committee of the Planning and Transport Committee.

As the development control aspect of planning is a non-political subject, the members below are listed alphabetically rather than by political group, though members of a political group that has asked not to be included here have been omitted:
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Chairmen of Development Control Committee

Chairman: Cllr Diane Chambers, Conservative

Cllr Diane Chambers, Chairman

Vice-Chairman: Cllr Peter Hicks, Conservative

Cllr Peter Hicks
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Other Members (except members of any group who has asked not to be included here)

Cllr Richard AndrewsTed Baker
Cllr Richard Andrews, ConservativeCllr Ted Baker, Conservative
Cllr Ken BamberCllr David Brake
Cllr Ken Bamber, ConservativeCllr David Brake, Conservative
Cllr Matt BrightCllr David Carr
Cllr Matt BrightCllr David Carr
Cllr Susan HaydockCllr Roy Hunter
Cllr Susan Haydock, ConservativeCllr Roy Hunter, Conservative
Cllr Stephen KearneyCllr Ken Webber
Cllr Stephen Kearney, Liberal DemocratCllr Maureen Ruparel, Liberal Democrat

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