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Medway Council:
Audit Committee

This Sub-Committee was created in June 2006 as a council-side committee, and its first meeting was held on 29th June 2006. The change from being a sub-committee of Scrutiny was made as a result of guidance from industry organisations; and the new committee has some decision-making powers which avoids the need for some matters to have to go before the full Council, where they have tended not to be considered in appropriate depth.

The new committee can also take on tasks that it could not manage before, and has grown in membership from 3 to 5 members in order to cope with the additional workload. Thus this is an improvement all round, and it is anticipated that the new committee will raise standards in the area of member monitoring of audit and financial control functions even higher than their already high standards.

Members of the Audit Committee

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Member : Conservative

Vacant (Chairman)
Cllr Alan JarrettCllr Alan Jarrett
Cllr Mark RecklessCllr Mark Reckless
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Member : Liberal Democrat

Cllr Geoff JubyCllr Geoff Juby
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Member : (details not included, as requested by the political group concerned)

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