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Medway Council:
Business Support Overview and Scrutiny Committee
(formerly named Finance & Corporate Services)

This Scrutiny Committee came into being on 18th January 2007, replacing the former Finance and Corporate Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, when the Corporate Services and Chief Executive's Directorates were merged to form the new Business Support Directorate.

The full portfolio for this Committee is as follows:

To fulfil all the functions of an overview and scrutiny committee in relation to support services, and in particular (but not limited to)
  1. matters concerning the employment of staff, terms and conditions of employment and staff development;
  2. equalities in the community and the workplace;
  3. monitoring and assessing access to council services including being the scrutiny committee with responsibility for the Customer First initiative;
  4. the management of all matters in connection with the media, public relations and communications and the consultation process;
  5. the management and provision of legal contract/strategic procurement and property services (including licensing, strategic enforcement and local land charges);
  6. the management and provision of building maintenance and the design and surveying services;
  7. corporate sponsorship and bidding;
  8. the provision of ICT;
  9. the planning and co-ordination of services;
  10. the function and duties of the council in relation to the conduct of elections;
  11. the provision of members' support;
  12. to fulfil the overview and scrutiny role in relation to the council's best value performance plan, community plan, local public service agreement and comprehensive performance assessment;
  13. all matters pertaining to the governance of the council including the review of the constitution, executive arrangements, council rules and members' allowances;
  14. to consider the effectiveness of partnership working, including the Local Strategic Partnership;
  15. to assist the Cabinet in the development of the council's annual budget and to review and scrutinise the council's performance in relation to budgetary management;
  16. to assist the council in the development of a 3-year budget strategy;
  17. to review the management of resources made available to the council and to scrutinise its financial management, property and asset acquisition and disposal and capital programme;
  18. to assist the Cabinet in the development of a council wide property and asset strategy;
  19. to promote procedures that ensure proper custodianship of council finances, making recommendations to the Cabinet for best financial practice across the council;
  20. to review the operation of the council's financial regulations making proposals to the Cabinet and/or council for their development;
  21. to receive reports from the Council's internal and external auditors and the council's internal auditor making suggestions for improvement in practice to the council and/or Cabinet as required, as a result of those reports;
  22. in particular to fulfil the overview and scrutiny role in relation to the development of the council's budget, capital strategy, corporate (strategic) plan, corporate asset management plan, e-government strategy and equal opportunities statement;
  23. to provide guidance and leadership on the development and co-ordination of the scrutiny function for all overview and scrutiny committees, including guidance on priorities for scrutiny activity; and
  24. scrutiny of work areas within the remit of the Chief Executive and Chief Finance Officer.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committees now have 12 members each, and are chaired by members of the ruling group.

Chairmen of the Business Support Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Chairman: Cllr Ken Bamber

Cllr Ken Bamber

Vice-Chairman: Vacant

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Other Members : Conservative

Cllr Nick BriceCllr Jane Etheridge
Cllr Nick BriceCllr Jane Etheridge
Cllr Roy HunterCllr Craig Mackinlay
Cllr Roy HunterCllr Craig Mackinlay
Cllr David Royle
Cllr David Royle
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Three other Members : (details not included, as requested by the political group concerned)

Other Members : Liberal Democrat

Cllr Geoff JubyCllr Andy Stamp
Cllr Geoff JubyCllr Andy Stamp

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