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Rochester South and Horsted ward:
May 2007 Local Election Results

Nick BriceCllr Sylvia GriffinJohn Ward

In the third Medway local elections in which I stood, held on 3rd May 2007, I and my two ward colleagues were once again elected with a very comfortable majority. We three have been chosen by the residents of Rochester South & Horsted ward to serve on Medway Council, a Unitary Authority covering the Medway Towns area of Kent.

The results were as below:




* Nicholas Edward Joseph BRICE *Conservative1,561
Joyce Winifred Betty ESTERSONLabour1,000
Jill Patricia FENNELLLabour 868
* Sylvia Mary GRIFFIN *Conservative1,518
Kenneth JUBYLiberal Democrat 512
Nemia Cudo JUBYLiberal Democrat 466
Terry LACEYLabour 900
Michael Frank NEATHMedway Independent 233
Vivienne PARKERLiberal Democrat 625
Kenneth Richard VENISONUK Independence 346
* John Michael WARD *Conservative1,559

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We won 33 of the 55 seats, which means an overall majority of 11, so we shall be able to achieve even more during this four-year term.
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