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Welcome to John Ward's Medway Council Website

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About This Website

I, John Ward, was a councillor on Medway Unitary Authority from May 2000, representing what was then Horsted ward, and since the boundary review in 2003, now representing the much-enlarged Rochester South and Horsted (RSH) ward. I resigned from the Council on 25th March 2008.

This website is first and foremost a resource showing the council's political structure, news, ward activities; planning, licensing and road matters within the ward. There are even two personal political comment columns, not forgetting my own 'blog.

The blue buttons down the left side open the various subjects' own pages. On the right on this page are a few quick links to possibly the most useful and relevant websites. It is all very simple to navigate. I hope your visit here is useful.

Please be aware that I am no longer a Councillor, and no longer have access to the internal information sources within the council, so this website will not be able to be kept as well updated in future. I hope to leave it standing, and with some updates, as a kind of memorial to show what I did provide for Medway residents in the hope that someone else will produce something similar.

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Last update: 29th October 2011

* * * Some News * * *

Although there is always plenty of news in the Medway Towns, here are those items that have direct relevance to Rochester South & Horsted (RSH) residents, though sometimes they are also relevant to other wards or to Medway as a whole, as indicated in the table:
DateArea involvedSubject (Click for Full Details)
1st March 2008All of MedwayMoneyCouncil Tax rise for 2008/2009 is 4·99%
5th December 2007All of MedwayJohn WardJohn Launches New Political Weblog ('blog)
6th November 2007Rochester South & HorstedPartnership with the PoliceCommunity Safety Statistics Now Available
4th November 2007All of MedwayPoppyRemembrance Sunday
1st November 2007Rochester South & HorstedPost Office logoShirley Avenue Post Office Counter Closes
29th October 2007All of MedwayWarningWarning: Latest Postal Scam
16th October 2007Rochester South & HorstedPartnership with the PoliceViolence against the person almost halved
22nd September 2007All of MedwayEUEuropean Union Referendum Rally
21st September 2007All of MedwayMoneyNearly a Hundred New Taxes Under Labour
4th September 2007Rochester South & HorstedTennis (Leisure)Stirling Centre News
26th August 2007All of MedwayPakistan FlagBenazir Bhutto on Democracy
12th July 2007All of MedwayWarningNational Security Alert Status
20th June 2007Rochester South & HorstedSkateboardingIndoor Skatepark Might be Saved!
24th May 2007All of MedwayCommitteesNew Council Takes Shape
5th May 2007Rochester South & HorstedElectionsRochester South & Horsted welcomes Sylvia
4th May 2007All of MedwayElectionsElection Results Excellent for Conservatives
26th April 2007Rochester South & HorstedBusLocal 'Bus Service to be Reduced
10th April 2007All of MedwayElectionsMedway Local Elections Are Go!
31st March 2007Rochester South & HorstedRoads etcMore Road Repairs Arranged
9th March 2007All of MedwayPartnershipCommunity TV Screens Appear around Medway
2nd March 2007All of MedwayMoneyCouncil Tax rise for 2007/2008 is just 4·49%
28th February 2007All of MedwayWarningPersonal Safety Warning: "Perfume" Scam
26th February 2007All of MedwayMoneyWarning: Property Revaluation Scam
14th February 2007
Updated: 7th March 2007
Rochester South & HorstedGreenspacesCollege Fields Cleared
8th February 2007
Updated: 4th April 2007
Rochester South & HorstedSikhSikh Cultural Centre Planned for Laker Road area

* * Older News items: 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 * *

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