Councillor on Medway Council: The Issues

Horsted Farm

John Ward

This is a similar problem to the Rochester Airport issue in some ways, in that it was apparently being (very quietly) prepared for housing development. The situation here is complicated by there being several parts to the farm land, originally with different landowners, and the protection from development on one part having been removed by the Labour and Liberal Democrat members of Medway Council back in 1999. Now, the whole site is being managed by Medway Council's countryside team, so perhaps the housing threat can be averted: we certainly intend to make sure this is so if at all possible, and are confident that we can.
It is clear that the site is not well suited to development, and we shall do whatever is necessary to ensure that it remains a green space, hopefully in its entirety. The latest news is that some fields are to be let for grazing purposes, and a grazing licence should be finalised shortly.
The Liberal Democrat group's attempt to gain some political capital from their petition to make the farm a country park didn't really achieve as much as they might like to think:

As usual, the lesson to be learned is: do not take too much notice of what the LibDems are up to—as it happens, it looks like very few people living in Medway do so anyway, as witnessed by their extremely low vote in the 2003 local elections here.