Councillor on Medway Council: The Issues

Play Area

John Ward

For some time youngsters have been playing ball games on the grass bank at the corner of Holland Road and Hook Close on Davis Estate, but this has meant frequently going into the road to retrieve stray balls, and disruption to those living opposite when balls strike the fence. How much better it would be if we could have an enclosed dedicated ball games area.

Well, thanks to a tip-off from a resident on the estate, we are pursuing the idea of doing just that. The ideal would be a scaled-down version of the (much larger) Rushendedn Ball Park near Queenborough:

Rushendedn Ball Park Rushendedn Ball Park

This would be great, but it would require other agencies' involvement and would take time. That is still our ultimate goal, but in the meantime we hope to create a more modest affair provided that it meets with majority approval of nearby residents. This interim play area might look something like this:

Simpler Play Area

Although the original idea was to cut out the grassy bank at Holland Road/Hook Close and put it in there, early informal consultation results from neighbouring residents has advised against this location. This is strengthened by recent increases of undesirables coming from the Weedswood direction down the nearby alley, so it would probably be regularly vandalised if it were there.

Instead it will probably go near the children's swings area on the fields at the bottom of Vale Drive, subject to nearby residents' wishes and of course getting the go-ahead and funding.

We have had the support of the former Portfolio Holder for Leisure and Culture and the relevant Council Officer, so are awaiting the outcome of a current exercise in this whole field throughout Medway to see where we go from here. Meanwhile a so-called Youth Shelter has been erected on the field, though away from houses (to minimise noise nuisance) but still visible from them (for the users' security).