Councillor on Medway Council: The Issues


John Ward

Both Ron and John have been keen recyclers for a long time, and John operates a genuine "paperless office" at home. The only printed output from John is for those who do not have an electronic form of written communication (such as electronic mail) and the only incoming paper is that which cannot be stopped, often despite efforts to eliminate it: for example, one of the two local "freebie" newspapers has stopped being delivered, but the other continues to arrive: what John calls "a waste of forestry".

In an attempt to bring more of our residents back on board with recycling, we have now come up with a re-launched recycling strategy that will not only be considerably better than what we had before, but also one that people would find easy to understand and handle and one that will not be changed for many years.

Withn the Council arena, John has been spearheading the campaign to eliminate the vast quantities of paper sent out to Councillors for those who choose to have this material in electronic form only. Although there have been some successes, it is proving very difficult to have this (optional) change implemented universally.

In the meantime, John has already been the first Medway Councillor to have the ward Electoral Register in electronic form (after pushing for this to be made possible), and this is now offered to all Councillors as an alternative to the printed register.

John will almost certainly be the first to take a portable computer into Council meetings instead of paper: the (brand new) rather special computer has already been ordered—reserving one of the first to be produced—and should appear some time later this year (2003).