Councillor on Medway Council: The Issues


John Ward

The run-down of Medway's roads and footpaths in recent years has become a real issue, resulting in hundreds of potholes and even worse problems in places. This has already been addressed by a long-term programme of proper road repairs and resurfacing, which began just a few weeks after our first budget was announced and agreed in Council. Many roads and footpaths have already been dealt with, and there will be more. I have created a regularly-updated record of this work in Rochester South and Horsted ward, and this also includes non-Council works.

The programme of repairs has been pursued in order of need, mainly for technical reasons such as the locations where there are likely to be really serious problems if the work is not done promptly. We have instructed that the new surfaces are to be high quality, long lasting and quiet to drive on; and the surface type has been chosen to match the exact need in each situation.

Capital projects to work on the underlying fabric of roads that need it have now been commissioned, and even street signs are being replaced wherever this is needed—many on the Davis Estate were replaced in the spring of 2003, for example.