John's Jottings for October 2003

John Ward

Please note: these Jottings are purely personal comment, and do not necessarily or directly represent the policy of either the Conservative Party or the Conservative Group on Medway Council.

A Tax Attacks!

I have a strong feeling that many residents of Britain have only recently woken up to the sheer weight of tax in this country.

Well, now that some facts and figures have not only emerged but been verified, we can all see just how heavy this burden is in Britain, though this is not the case in most other European countries.

Okay, some facts and figures about tax increases during the past six years—the time the present governemt has ben in power:

It has been even worse in the south-east of England where less of our national tax money is returned to the people who paid it, being instead gerrymandered by unbelievably-complex formulæ to northern parts of Britain.

Indeed, here in Medway, the level of general funding from central government was reduced by some £13 million, and our education (calcilated separately) suffered its own shortfall of over £7 million. Oh yes, we're allowed to borrow more, but that would need to be repaid and would attract interest charges—not exactly an attractive alternative.

Bearing in mond that our current Prime Minister promised the British people that he had "no plans to increase taxes at all", Mr Blair appears to have given way very easily and profusely to arrive at the present situation just six years later.

Now we all realise that high taxes—a traditional socialist methodology—reduces cash-flow in the market of shops, businesses and consumers, stifling the country's economy. Frankly, no-one but the Chancellor and any recipients of wacky "looney left" initiatives gets any benefit from high taxes...oh, apart from competing countries, of course!

It seems to me that, although we have done as much as we can at a local level (by keeping Council Tax way down below the levels in almost every other part of England), there is little more that we can do alone. Bringing pressure to bear on the government tends to meet with little success—but is always worth doing—and the only real way to tackle the underlying problem is to give the Blair government a worrying time between now and the next general Election.

Via local MPs they must be told by as many of their constituents as possible that they will not get our vote at that time unless the tax burden is drastically reduced by then.

Now that would be an excellent example of "people power"! .

Next time: It might have been funny...