John's Jottings for January 2005

John Ward

Please note: these Jottings are purely personal comment, and do not necessarily or directly represent the policy of either the Conservative Party or the Conservative Group on Medway Council.

The "Lies Rabble"

Have you noticed how desperate the LibDems are to attempt to gain some credence? Especially in my area they are so poorly regarded (look at their disastrous last-place election results here in May 2003, and almost as bad in 2007!) that they are clutching at straws in a vain attempt to look useful. It isn't working.

Now, you and I both know who alerted residents to the proposed development of the Mid-Kent College Horsted campus. We both know who arranged and conducted the public meeting in August 2004, who arranged the ongoing petition and who has been coming around to update people on this important issue. Oh, and who arranged the media coverage and spoke to the papers, radio and television. Yes, it was I and my two ward colleagues: no-one else.

Yet what do we find in the latest LibDem leaflet to be put out around our area? They claim to have been the ones to alert our residents. What happened was that, when they saw our leaflet (actually an invite to the public meeting) that we had already been putting out for several days, they hurriedly rushed out one of their own and delivered it—undoubtedly mainly to some of the same addresses we had already notified. They delivered 550—we put out just under three times that number, all around the college site, including Maidstone Road, The Ridgeway, City Way and Cloisterham Park, as well as a large part of Davis Estate: a remarkable achievement in the short timescale we had.

Public Meeting about the College At the public meeting, all the local LibDems did was skulk about at the back of the hall, and at the end call out "the Liberal Democrats also support the residents!" Yeah, right: talk about jumping on bandwaggons—their only interest was what they could gain from the situation for themselves. There was not the slightest genuine interest in working for our people here in Rochester South and Horsted ward or for anyone else but themselves and their political party—nothing whatsoever! No surprise there, then.

They also try to make scurrilous claims about what our motives are in all this, and seem to have dreamt up the most unlikely scenario their warped minds could think of. They really do have a mental problem! It is little wonder that their support has fallen so much in recent years, and why they now have only six councillors out of Medway's fifty-five—just over a tenth overall, and a fifth the number of Conservative council members. Why am I not in the least bit surprised? They obviously think our residents were born yesterday...

Anyway, using my mental anagram generator, I have realised that to "be Liberals" equates to "Lies rabble", and I think that is about as good a description of them as we're ever likely to find!

Next time: Is there a psychiatrist in the Chamber?