John's Jottings for June 2005

John Ward

Please note: these Jottings are purely personal comment, and do not necessarily or directly represent the policy of either the Conservative Party or the Conservative Group on Medway Council.

Lie In (your) Behaviour — Dirty Election Manipulations

Yes, that spells LIB-DEM, and it is little wonder!

Something that came to wider public notice recently, during a speech by a Conservative parliamentary candidate thst was broadcast on television at the beginning of May, is that the LibDems specialise in dirty tricks, particularly during election campaigns. This is why they are so strongly hated by so many.

Here are details of some of these dubious practices.

While the public face of Charles Kennedy and others is so honest-looking and their speeches are so plausible and reasonable-sounding, those of us in the know are very well aware of the truth behind the public façade. This was the single biggest reason that I left the party several years ago, after discovering the truth to such an extent that it could no longer be explained away as anything less than deliberate, ingrained dishonesty.

The LibDems are notorious for the "dirty tricks" that they play on the public and in any other way that they believe will bring them personal or party benefit. This seems to be variable in respect of different parts of the country, but it is certainly rife here in the Medway area.

I have experienced some of these myself, most recently at my local Polling Station on the day of polling in the General Election earlier this month (May 2005). This is a simple example.

On this occasion, I was telling at the Polling Station. You might know that this is a matter of taking down electors' polling numbers after their vote has been cast, so that they won't be troubled at home later and asked to come out and vote when they have already done so. To ask for the number before they have voted is illegal.

Well, the local Focus editor, Viv Parker, tried to compel me to take her number down beforehand. When I declined, explaining why, her response was "Well, technically that's true" followed by a second attempt to get me to note the number on my teller's pad. It was obvious that her next planned action was to complain to the Presiding Officer, claiming that I'd asked for her number upon her entry to the Polling Station.

Naturally, I declined again; but reported the incident to both the Presiding Officer and my party. Fortunately, there was also a witness to this incident, whose details I have taken in case of future need.

With this kind of behaviour (and there are many other examples, some of which come to more widespread notice) it is hardly surprising that the LibDems fare so badly in the Medway area. They now have only six councillors on Medway Council (out of 55 councillors altogether), and gained only 13% of the vote in the three parliamentary constituencies that encompass the Medway area.

The lesson they need to learn is that if you behave so extremely badly, don't be surprised when the public at large treats you accordingly. When they learn about integrity and honesty, then perhaps their fortunes will change, but not before.

Next time: Election Reflection