John's Jottings for November 2007

John Ward

Please note: these Jottings are purely personal comment, and do not necessarily or directly represent the policy of either the Conservative Party or the Conservative Group on Medway Council.

The Flunking Fist

So we aren't going to get a General Election until 2009, eh? Apparently not, despite the fact that Tony Blair said at the last election that he would serve a full third term, and his Government was elected on that basis. Thus Gordon Brown has no mandate from the nation's electorate to run the country.

That is a fact, and cannot be denied.

Therefore we in Medway will continue to be burdened with new unfunded schemes-of-the-moment, and to be severely underfunded (to the tune of tens of millions of pounds every year, as has recently been demonstrated) so that our council services are increasingly threatened. Well, thank you very much, Gordon!

Many words have been written on this subject by commentators throughout Britain, and overseas, and the general opinion is that Gordon B should have gone to the country. That he didn't has now been shown to be because of a very good Conservative Party Conference and a largely resultant turnaround in the opinion polls.

Brown has tried to deny this, claiming that Labour would have won such an election anyway. Conservative Party leader David Cameron responded to that at Prime Minister's Questions on 10th October 2007 by saying: "He is the first Prime Minister in history to flunk an election because he thought that he was going to win it." (quoted from Hansard for that date.)

Thus the fabled Clunking Fist became the Flunking Fist!

Bottler Brown In reality, it has come to (for Gordon) embarrassingly public light that extensive preparations for an autumn election had been going on for some time, and especially during the weeks before his announcement that there would in fact be no such snap election after all.

Rather than risk defeat and become the shortest-reign Prime Minister Britain has ever had, Brown-the-Frown bottled out when challenged by all and sundry to hold an autumn election this year. He showed no strength of character, as many have already declared, and is certainly no statesman. He appeared (and still appears) to be simply self-interested for his own political party and his personal position of power. That is the only reasonable interpretation of both what has happened and what is now known about this whole sorry story.

For myself, I would go even further and say that Brown comes across as just chicken—no guts, no character, no integrity. It seems I am not alone in now thinking of our present Prime Minister as just a chicken, complete with an even more appropriate nickname...

The Clucking Fist

Next time: You can trust me on this!