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John Ward

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24th November 2004

Dear Sir

Land Rear of Compass Close

Derek Munton's letter in last Friday's letters page, regarding land at Compass Close, was a sheer delight. Foot well and truly in mouth, the one-time chairman of the council's Planning Committee tells us that yes, they did put the site into the Local Plan for housing development.

At last we have the oft-denied admission that the former Labour administration of the council were behind the idea of building housing on the land. Remember that this was in the days before John Prescott required councils in this region to build ever more houses, at a hugely increased density, and 40 percent of these to be on greenfield land.

He then tells us that this would be done without actually selling the land to a developer. How? There is a clear lack of understanding by Mr Munton that you can offer land for development in a published Local Plan and then not make it available!

The truth of the matter is this: it was Mr Munton and his former Labour colleagues who originated the idea of building on Compass Close. At least hes finally admitted to it.

Yours faithfully

John M Ward — One of the three Councillors for Rochester South and Horsted Ward, Medway Council.