Councillor on Medway Council: Letter to Medway Messenger

John Ward

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Medway Messenger
(via email)

6th January 2007

Dear Sir

Conservatives will keep airport

We are writing this joint letter to your paper as the three councillors who represent the ward that Rochester Airport is located in. Our message to your readers is a simple one - as long as Medway Council is run by the Conservatives the airport will stay.

Labour almost certainly want to see the green spaces of the airport tarmacked over—and not for a runway upgrade either. It is highly likely they see the site as prime land to build an ugly housing estate upon. Their silence on this matter has been deafening. It is odd that some people choose to attack the Conservative Council for not being supportive of the airport when they are the only party in Medway who want to see the historic airport continue. You cannot count on Labour or the Lib Dems to keep our popular airport.

The airport has been in Rochester for longer than many of the houses here. The people support it because it is a great strategic and historical asset for Medway. It was a part of the war effort to win the battle of the Atlantic, and the Battle of Britain—and now today it will work brilliantly with the new innovation centre to attract big business and wealth to Medway and the people who live here.

Nicka and John at Airport

Everybody wins!

Yours faithfully

Cllr Nick Brice
Cllr Ron Hewett
Cllr John Ward

The three Conservative Councillors for Rochester South and Horsted.