Councillor on Medway Council: Letter to Medway News

John Ward

Medway News
12 New Road

29th October 2000

Dear Sir

Don't be Vauge : ask for Hauge

I always enjoy reading your letters page, and was especially amused by the Mark Reckless leaflet typing error in William Hague’s surname, as pointed out by a long-term Liberal Democrats supporter.

Ah well, I suppose it just goes to show the rush in which I suspect all parties have to prepare such materials—we’re all too busy trying to do the tasks the public requires us to do, as well as earning a living, to spend as much time and effort as we’d wish on what we might call peripheral activities.

Now without wanting to make a cry of “pot, kettle, black!” I have to state that most Liberal Democrats “Spotlight” and other materials I have encountered over the years have been full of typos, grammatical errors, poor layout and other deficiencies, not only in this area but in other boroughs. However when I prepared “Spotlight” and other paperwork for the area where I lived before moving to Kent, they were as close to 100% correct as anyone could expect. As proof I still have them archived here.

I think all this shows is that quality in this arena depends more upon the skills of the person, and on the time available, than on the political party.

Yours sincerely

John M Ward (Councillor, Horsted)