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Our Election in May 2003

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Some Useful Links: Political Groups, Weblogs etc

Medway and Kent

Political Parties etc Political Parties Local Political Groups European Politics
Other Organisations Non-political Organisations The Media Local Issues' Sites


Medway Council's Conservative Group Party-based news and activities site, with its own 'blog Currently offline
Tracey Crouch (Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Chatham & Aylesford) New location
The Twydall Tory Alan Collins' very good local 'blog-style site
Medway Neighbourhood Watch Association Neighbourhood Watch site for all of Medway
Ridgeway Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch site for the Ridgeway and throughout our Ward
Wainscott Neighbourhood Watch Neighbourhood Watch site for the Wainscott are
Lordswood and Capstone Conservatives Ward-based 'blog (not updated since December 2006!)
Princes Park Conservatives Excellent ward-based 'blog
Walderslade Conservatives Ward-based 'blog with lots of potential (awaiting update)


Blaney's Blarney Donal Blaney in Kent
Iain Dale's Diary The famous Kent-based political 'blog
Guido Fawkes You really can't have Iain Dale without also checking out Guido! Recommended reading.

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