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* * * News for 8th January 2004 * * *

Rochester South and Horsted: 8th January 2004

Post OfficesPost Office Shuttle Service Takes Off

After City Way Post Office closed, local Councillor ferries old folk to another branch.

Post Office shuttle passengers

Now that the City Way Post Office has been closed despite all the protests by local residents and ward Councillors, the older folk who live near to the former Post Office have been left without a convenient branch.

Some lucky enough to be able to do so have made alternative arrangements with friends or family, but others are not able to do this and have to visit another Post Office. Fortunately there are three within walking distance—at least for those in a fit condition to walk up and down a steep hill for the best part of a mile.

Unsurprisingly, many older people are unable to cope with such a trek, so ward Councillor for Rochester South & Horsted Nick Brice offered to drive them to and from the alternative Post Office of their choice and at a time to suit them once a week.

To date, two ladies have taken up this offer, Mrs Perkins and Mrs Haywood, and they are pictured here with Cllr Brice who provides a door-to-door service and also acts as a bodyguard(!) emerging from the Post Office branch at the corner of Beatty Road.

This service has been running for a few weeks now, and the two ladies are delighted. Mrs Perkins (on the right in the photograph) was quoted and pictured in the Medway News paper recently, when this shuttle service first ran.