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Rochester South and Horsted: Planning Applications for Rochester South and Horsted ward Received During March 2006

Below is a list of planning applications for locaions within Rochester South and Horsted ward, most recent first. This table shows the application reference number, date, location, description, the Case Officer, decision, and if any appeal has been lodged by the applicant. Please note that only the applicant can appeal against a planning application decision.

Please note that this record started only in early October 2001 (as part of the then-new political management structure of Medway Council) so applications for earlier in the year are not recorded here unless they came to notice/decision after that date.
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ReferenceDate ReceivedAddressBrief DescriptionCase OfficerOutcome
MC2006/050231st March 2006Adjacent to 12 Meadside Walk, ChathamConstruct one 3-bedroomed end-of-terrace house with parking space to rearLisa BowerCouncil Staff
MC2006/048228th March 2006147 City Way, RochesterConstruct part single-storey part 2-storey rear extension and porch to frontWendy SimpsonCouncil Staff
MC2006/047627th March 200695B (land adjacent to No. 95) City Way, RochesterConstruct 3-bedroomed detached dwelling with shared parking with No. 95 (demolish 2-storey rear extension to No, 95)Amanda HutchinsonCouncil Staff
MC2006/046523rd March 2006209 Warren Wood Road, RochesterConstruct single-storey extension to the frontMartyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/045422nd March 2006225A City Way, RochesterConstruct two-storey extension and detached double garage to rearPaul IvesReplaced by revised application: MC2006/1142
MC2006/044822nd March 2006154 Wilson Avenue, RochesterAlter roof to facilitate single-storey extension to the front, and convert garage into habitable roomMartyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/044622nd March 200620 Madden Avenue, Davis Estate, ChathamConstruct porch to the frontMartyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/042017th March 2006128 Snodhurst Avenue, ChathamConstruct single-storey rear extensionMartyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/040615th March 2006227 City Way, RochesterConstruct 2-storey side and single-storey front extensions, and raise roof of main part of dwellinghouse (demolish garage)Martyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/040014th March 20062 Wyles Road, ChathamConstruct single-storey side/rear extension, conservatory to rear, detached double garage to rear of garden with access on to Maidstone Road, and electrically-controlled gatesWendy SimpsonCouncil Staff
MC2006/039013th March 2006Access to BAE Works, Airport Site, Maidstone Road, ChathamRegulation 3 outline application: Create an all-movement signalled junction with access road and car parkLisa BowerCouncil Staff
MC2006/038913th March 2006315 Maidstone Road, ChathamConstruct new vehicular crossoverWendy SimpsonCouncil Staff
MC2006/038613th March 2006105 City Way, RochesterConstruct vehicular crossover onto classified roadMartyn EarlCouncil Staff
MC2006/038010th March 20069 Estelle Close, Cloisterham Park, RochesterConstruct part first-floor part two-storey side extension, conservatory to rear, bay window and canopy to frontCaroline DickinsonCouncil Staff
MC2006/03719th March 2006BAE Works, Airport Site, Maidstone Road, ChathamRegulation 3 outline application: Demolish Hangar 1 and disused buildings and construct Innovation Centre with access road and parkingLisa BowerCouncil Staff
MC2006/03332nd March 2006Land adjacent to 73 Watson Avenue, Davis Estate, ChathamOutline application: Construct 2-storey building comprising 3 one-bedroomed units and 1 studio with associated parkingChris ButlerCouncil Staff

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