Councillor on Medway Council
Speech delivered to full Council regarding the Council Leader's report

John Ward

Speech prepared for the full Council meeting on 16th September 2004

Thank you, Mr Mayor, fellow members.

I am pleased to see the continuation of our bidding for money from central Government. We as an Authority have established a clear track record that can put together highly meritorious cases for investment in a range of initiatives with Medway at their heart.

I suppose now, Mr Mayor, the Labour side of the chamber will try to portray this as generosity by the government; but as we all know, it isn‘t their money that comes to us this way, but taxpayers‘ money.

In a properly-administered nation, what are now ever-increasing national taxes in this country would have continued to be distributed fairly and sensibly in the annual budgeting process, instead of our people‘s money being siphoned off to bail out the numerous wasteful Labour councils in other parts of the country—effectively a form of legitimised spongeing, Mr Mayor.

The real reasons they set up such a funding system are, of course, the usual ones in a Soviet-style dictatorship, as we have in Britain today, despite all the efforts they are making to disguise this:

It‘s an old technique, Mr Mayor, and thankfully few people in the west are fooled by it, even with the huge spin‘ machine of Blair and company. They‘ve wised up, even if Labour members here haven‘t.

Therefore, Mr Mayor, while we really shouldn‘t fall into the trap of giving the Government kudos for merely returning a relatively small part of our residents‘ national tax money to them, we do need to play their game during their hopefully short remaining time in office.

Thank you very much, Mr Mayor.

John M Ward (Councillor, Rochester South and Horsted)