Councillor on Medway Council
Speech delivered to full Council about the Liveability scheme

John Ward

Speech delivered to the full Council meeting on 15th September 2005

Thank you Mr Mayor.

I note in particular the Liveability item at 4.4 of the report. These three projects were stated to be pilots, Mr Deputy Mayor: the first wave; and they include the Wilson Avenue area that lies within my ward. We have had a tremendous response to this from residents, and I can see where other similar schemes could be of great benefit in future years' bids for funding under this scheme.

Unfortunately, I am told that there are to be no further Liveability projects, nor any replacement scheme, so does this mean that, overall, the scheme was a failure? I‘ve never heard of any successful scheme that didn‘t get beyond the pilot stage, Mr Deputy Mayor, but members might like to be aware that I am working on having this one extended.

At least the pilot schemes are now going ahead, so: yes, let‘s approve this item and start things rolling. I only wish, Mr Deputy Mayor, that when this Government does occasionally come up with a worthwhile idea, they‘d at least stick to it for a decent period of time...

Thank you very much, Mr Mayor.

John M Ward (Councillor, Rochester South and Horsted)