Councillor on Medway Council
Speech delivered to full Council about a Motion on renewable energy

John Ward

Speech delivered at the full Council meeting on 15th June 2006

Thank you, Madam Mayor, members.

I am very pleased with this Motion, Madam Mayor, both on general principles and especially as the first "back garden" wind turbine in Medway is in my ward.

As a very "green" Member of the most "green" Party on the Council—even my jacket and tie are green!—I am naturally very keen to see more renewable energy and the other side of this coin, reduced energy consumption. Just to illustrate the latter briefly, my latest desktop computer takes just three Watts of power. Typical desktop and under-desk computers have power supplies of no less than 230 or 300 Watts, or even higher, Madam Mayor.

The point I wish to make about the exact wording of this Motion, Madam Mayor, is the includion of the words "such as" in the second paragraph. Although the small wind turbine I mentioned is acceptable in the location it is in my ward, this is because of a very unusual shape of back gardens in that locality, and it will be rare to find other suitable locations for turbines within housing developments, especially with the high densities imposed on us by the former ODPM, now known as CLoG. There just won‘t be anywhere they could sensibly go, I strongly suspect.

Some Members were recently informed of newer renewable energy techniques that are coming into being, some of which are at a very early stage but will come to market within the next year or two. Other existing methods are expected to become more affordable later this decade. Therefore, Madam Mayor, it is right to include all the present and future methods in this proposal.

I support this Motion wholeheartedly.

Thank you very much, Madam Mayor.

John M Ward (Councillor, Rochester South and Horsted)