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Council: Gillingham North ward

Results for local elections - 4th May 2000

  • * this indicates members who stood for re-election
  • Overall turnout for the Medway Council area was 27.28%

TWO SEATS (two Labour hold)
Turnout: 24.61%
Robert Maurice ADCOCK * Lab 450
Carol Ann HARRIES Con 184
Dereck Skas PECK LD 331
Adam Robert William PRICE * Lab 469
James Gordon SMART LD 345
Julie Diane SULTANA Con 144

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Results for local elections - 1st May 1997

GILLINGHAM NORTH (eligible to vote: ?)
TWO SEATS (One Labour, one Liberal Democrat? win)
Turnout: ?%
ADCOCK Robert Maurice LD ? 993
COLLINS Paul William Con 492
LAWRENCE Diana Marion Con 426
PRICE Adam Robert Wiliiam Lab 1046
RIXEN Paulene Lab 830
WOOLLEY Terrence Loye LD 869

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