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Council: Horsted ward

Results for local elections — 4th May 2000

  • * this indicates members who stood for re-election
  • Overall turnout for the Medway Council area was 27.28%

HORSTED (5029)
TWO SEATS (two Conservative gains)
Turnout: 32.77%
Michael BAKER LD 373
Joyce Winifred Betty ESTERSON Lab 310
Ronald Edwin HEWETT Con 932
Harry HOUSBY * Lab 268
Kenneth Sidney John SLATER * LD 375
John Michael WARD Con 953

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Here are maps of (on the left) the present Horsted ward, whose boundary is shown by the red dotted line; and on the right, the proposed new Rochester South and Horsted ward, delineated by a solid red line:
Map of the present Horsted ward   Map of Rochester South & Horsted ward

Note the unusual shape of the original ward—a triangle bounded by City Way, The Ridgeway and Pattens Lane; and the Davis Estate near the Bridgewood Roundabout. The new ward's boundaries seem to be even less sensible, sprawling in a number of directions and splitting communities.

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Ward Councillors:

Constituency Statistics:

The present constituency comprises some 2,500 or so dwellings with an electorate of 5,066, represented by two Councillors. The new Rochester South and Horsted ward is going to be quite a lot bigger—roughly doubling the number of residents within the one ward—and will have three Councillors. The proposed new ward would take in parts of what are now Hook Meadow, Warren Wood and Town wards.

Notable Features:

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Results for local elections - 1st May 1997

HORSTED (eligible to vote: 4993)
TWO SEATS (Two Liberal Democrat wins)
Turnout: ?%
Mark Andrew BOWMAN LD 1490
Christopher Anthony CORNISH-LAWRENCE Con 1221
Keith James NILSEN Lab 832
Stephen John PEACHELL Con 1011
Kenneth Sidney John SLATER LD 1447
Nicola Mary Lorraine SMITH Lab 937

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